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Eirik Wangberg

  • Eirik Wangberg
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  • Paul McCartney

  • Hippies
    These music fans want love - not war! And they created the PC and Internet. Eirik is proud to be listed among THIS incredible company. Finest site on the web?

  • David Foster
    Eirik produced David Foster's two first Hollywood albums and the hit "Wildflower" by his band Skylark.

  • Teds Universum
    A dedication to Ted Gärdestad, one of the greatest songswriter-artists ever from Sweden

  • Polar Records
    Like Ted Gärdestad and ABBA, Eirik was also an artist on Polar, see POS 1005.

  • Public Nuisance
    Eirik's production of this fine band and their 60s album was not released until 2002 on account of
    the Charles Manson murders.

  • Carol Kaye
    The world's most recorded bass player

  • Rockipedia
    Productions in Norway

  • The Turtles
    Never amazes the impressions music have on people's lives.

  • Love Song
    A 250.000 units Christian Story